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We invite you to the "Reconnect with EFT" website membership. We are dedicated to providing you with resources for mental health and Emotionally Focused Therapy. We will periodically send promotional offers to our members, so register now as our "Free Basic Member"! 

Additionally, if you become a "Professional Helper Member," you can gain access to more professional counseling resources. If you're interested in becoming our "Professional Helper Member," please provide us with more information about your professional qualifications. After our review, you will receive an email notification.


Thank you for being a free member of our website. We are excited to announce our new paid membership plan, designed to provide you with unlimited access to videos, notes, PowerPoint presentations, and workbooks for one year. We offer three membership tiers: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. For just 10% of the total value of our website resources, you can enjoy unlimited downloads and video streaming for an entire year at a highly discounted rate. Platinum Membership grants you access to over 6,000 CAD worth of resources, Gold Membership provides access to over 4,000 CAD worth of resources, and Silver Membership offers access to resources valued at around 2,000 CAD. With Platinum Membership, you can watch training sessions and live video recordings as many times as you like throughout the year.

*The website resources will continue to increase, and members do not need to pay any more during the year (except EFT Clinic training courses).

*Members cannot enjoy discounts on individual resources, such as sponsorships for reviews of trainings.

Membership Benefits

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